Learning Formats

We all learn differently. To accommodate these differences and help you get the most out of the event, this year’s sessions will take a number of different formats.

KEYNOTE SESSION Learn about Microsoft’s latest initiatives and long-term plans in the desktop, device and datacenter management, and cloud space.
BREAKOUT SESSIONS 75-minute presentations by industry experts, typically with live demonstrations on a management product or technology. Speakers at these sessions may be Microsoft experts, Microsoft Partners or industry leaders.
INSTRUCTOR-LED LABS During Instructor-led labs (ILLs), the instructor provides an introduction to each lab topic and leads you step-by-step through the lab procedure for a specific topic. Places in all ILLs may be reserved in advance through the Schedule Builder tool.
SELF-PACED LABS Self-paced hands-on labs offer walk-up access to all lab topics allowing you to complete the chosen lab topic in your own time. No lab instructor is present, but lab proctor support is provided during session time-slots. The area remains open outside session times without proctor support.
SPEAKER Q&A SESSIONS On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all the speakers from the day’s breakout sessions are available for follow-up Q&A on the topics they presented during the day. Use this relaxed format to ask questions from that day’s topics. Beverages and snacks are provided.
CERTIFICATION EXAMS Get certified at MMS! With Microsoft Certification, you can keep your skills relevant, applicable, and competitive. Microsoft Certification is an industry standard recognized worldwide. MMS attendees will save 50% off on exams taken at the event.
EXAM CRAMS & STUDY HALLS Exam crams and study halls prepare you for taking a certification exam by serving up valuable practice exams and study resources with Microsoft Certified Trainers onsite to assist.
BIRDS-OF-A-FEATHER SESSIONS These informal sessions allow small groups to meet and discuss a topic of common interest peer-to-peer or with Microsoft or industry experts. Bring your questions, your experiences and your curiosity to these lively moderated gatherings.